About us

About us

"FNK Services and Consulting" LLC is a full-service Azerbaijani law firm offering transactional, regulatory, advisory, dispute resolution and tax services.

The firm advises a diverse clientele including domestic and international companies, banks and financial institutions, funds, promoter groups and public sector undertakings.

Working with us, you get a team of qualified corporate lawyers at your disposal. There are no minor details for us.


We are distinguished

High degree of participation and availability of partners

We guarantee our clients the participation of partners in all deals and transactions at any time

High quality legal advice

We provide the highest quality services that meet the most stringent standards

Availability and responsiveness

We are proactive and always available to our clientss

Our advices based on legal research and analysis

While we continually monitor market practices applicable to legal interpretation, they are only accepted and recommended if supported by the current regulatory framework

We work for the client

Therefore, we are looking for, if not always simple, but the most effective way out of a difficult situation. For us, success is the achievement of the tasks set by the client

Why you should choose us

We speak the same language with our clients

Legal terminology is complex and sometimes completely incomprehensible to people who do not have special knowledge in the field of law. Our task is to explain the essence of the problem to the client in the most simple and accessible way and tell about the steps aimed at solving it

We solve problems from all sides

We take a comprehensive approach to solving any problem, assessing in advance all the prospects for the development of a particular situation. An experienced lawyer always thinks big, so he is able to predict possible risks

We do not overstate the price of legal services

Because we believe that legal assistance should be available to both large business entities and small companies that are just starting to sail in the sea of ​​business

We appreciate your trust in our company

Therefore, we strictly adhere to the principles of confidentiality and business ethics


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