Corporate Law

Corporate law services registration of legal entities, entrepreneurs, public organizations, foundations, represe …

Contract Law

Contract services include consulting on contract law issues; Explanation of the specifics of the execution of a …

Construction Law

Construction law services include obtaining licenses, building permits, preparation of FIDIC, NEC3 and …


Tax law services include tax planning: development of schemes, optimization, tax risk management …

Relocation Services

Our relocation services include comprehensive legal support regarding business relocation and …

Labor Law

Labor law services include audit of HR records, help in equating it with legislation; Development and …

Our team also provides legal services in the field of:
Administrative law
Intellectual Property law
Banking & Finance, Insurance law
Real Estate
Oil & Gas law
IT and Communication
Private clients

The main scheme of work of our company is legal services on a subscription base:

Subscription legal services are the provision of legal services on a regular basis to resolve legal issues arising in the course of your organization’s activities. This is an opportunity to receive qualified legal support for a business, at a significant discount, at a fixed and pre-agreed cost.

Working under a subscription legal service agreement implies comprehensive support for your business. At the same time, it is possible to transfer our lawyers only part of the functions of the legal department. This can be joint work, similar to the work of accounting and auditors, or independent work of lawyers in certain areas and projects.

Subscription legal services include all popular legal services, the need for which may arise in the course of your organization’s activities.

Legal services within the framework of subscription can be provided both to large companies that have their own legal department, and to small private companies that do not have a full-time lawyer or legal department. You just send us a request for services.

Advantages of subscription legal services:

1. Reducing the cost of legal support for the business. You get a full-fledged remote legal department at a cost comparable to the salary of 1 full-time lawyer. It is enough to conclude an agreement for a test period – 3 months to make sure that outsourcing of legal services allows you to save 50% of your company’s budget for legal services.

2.  Reducing tax payments. The costs of subscription legal services are included in the cost of products (works, services), which allows you to reduce the amount of tax payments.

3.  Reduction of document circulation. You do not need to register employees for work, withhold and pay taxes and contributions, provide them with jobs and guarantees provided for by the Labor Code.

4. Increased efficiency. By concluding an agreement for subscription legal services, you increase the efficiency and quality of the decisions you make. The collaborative qualifications of the lawyers of a law firm always exceed the qualifications of one, even a very experienced in-house lawyer.

5.  Predictability of your budget. Working under a subscription legal service agreement allows you to predict in advance the amount of costs for legal support of the company. Most of the legal services your organization may require are already included in our rates.

6.  Reducing business risks. Subscription service allows you to more actively use the services of lawyers, which significantly reduces the risks of your business.

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