Includes registration of legal entities, entrepreneurs, public organizations, foundations, representative offices of foreign companies, registration of companies with foreign founders (capital); services for the liquidation of legal entities and entrepreneurs, the closure (liquidation) of branches, companies in a general and expedited manner, the liquidation of companies by re-registering corporate rights through a change of ownership; re-registration of business, change of activities, change of legal representative (director, CEO and etc.) and legal address of companies, transfer of companies to another area, change of founders, legal storage of documents, economic, corporate, customs, administrative and tax disputes.

Also we provide services of legal support of business for clients from different countries, consulting services for firms, legal support of companies on subscription basis by lawyers in the process of doing business, debt collection services, collection of accounts receivable from enterprises, settlement of problem debts, and tracing of debtors and their assets. Intellectual property services, protection of intellectual property objects, support of licensing agreements, registration of trademarks and marks.

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