Construction law

What is construction law?

Construction law is a field that examines and resolves legal issues in the construction field. It covers issues related to the planning, execution and management of construction projects and the settlement of possible court or legal disputes. Construction law recognizes the legal relations between construction companies, property owners and users of construction products.

The law of construction is based on existing experience in engineering and construction sites and the ability to follow the legal requirements of construction standards and safety measures to improve the quality of the product. it does. This includes monitoring the compliance of construction materials with standards, ensuring the safety of workers and protecting labor rights, and adhering to areas where construction projects are deemed safe from public risk. It is related to ensuring that these measures are implemented.

The law of repugnance also covers matters represented by experts in the courts and their counsel. This relates to settling bets, managing enforcement processes and dealing with legal issues regarding the safety and quality of construction projects.

As a result, the law of obstruction plays an important role in governing the legal aspects of construction projects and ensuring safety, quality and transparency in the construction industry.

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