Corporate law

What is corporate law?

Corporate law is a field that includes legal norms and principles related to the creation, management, structure and functions of a company and regulation of its activities. This area deals with the basic powers of the company, structure, types of powers, management of parts, sharing of parts, decisions on public companies, etc. deals with such issues.

Corporate law can be divided into two main parts such as legislation and internal company rules. Legislation includes laws and regulations set by the state, mainly related to the establishment, regulation of activities and determination of liability of corporate entities. Internal rules are the rules adopted by the company and managed according to its structure.

One of the main objectives is to define the responsibility and authority of the company. This is done by setting rules for equal relations between the parties, management and division of parts, order and registration of activities and other transactions.

One of the main requirements of corporate law is the establishment of a company. The company must be established according to the formal procedures defined in the legislation. This process begins with the preparation of structural documents, registration and licensing procedures and ends with state approval.

Corporate law ensures the proper and effective management of companies and sets the rules and principles for resolving their legal issues. Careful and equal application of specialists in this field helps the successful operation of companies.

As a result, corporate law is a field of law that sets out the rules and principles for the establishment, management and resolution of companies’ legal issues. This area provides sound guidance for effective management of companies and proper assignment of responsibilities.

Providing local and foreign companies with a lawyer inside and outside the country

Providing local and foreign companies with a lawyer inside and outside the country is an important service for their legal issues to be effectively resolved. Domestically, clients are provided by local lawyers when seeking advice in law courts or legal matters. This ensures that you receive legal support in accordance with local legislation and procedural principles.

Abroad, companies need foreign lawyers to ensure that issues are resolved in accordance with the legal structures of different countries in international transactions. It provides advice in areas such as international trade, licensing, contracting and financial matters.

The provision of local and foreign lawyers provides support to clients in international transactions on local legal issues and advice according to the foreign legal structure. This helps companies operate in global markets and helps minimize legal risks.

The provision of local and foreign lawyers should be offered by specialist legal advisers. This is provided by lawyers who have the relevant experience and expertise to provide the best legal advice and support to clients.

The main objective is to ensure the provision of local and foreign lawyers to solve the legal issues of companies in an effective and cost-effective way. It is a fundamental requirement for companies to operate in global markets and helps them to ensure proper legal support.

Regularly informing the company about legislation

Regular information of the company on legislation means providing company employees with updates on relevant legislative changes and current events in legal matters. This is an important step to ensure the company’s compliance with legislation, reduce legal risks and manage the processes in a convenient way. Regular information is important because it will maintain a strong and supportive position of the company in legal matters and reduce the threats to operate in global markets.

The main stages of corporate law are as follows:

Company formation: In this stage, you choose the type of company and the place where it will be registered and prepare the formation documents according to the requirements.

Registration: The process of obtaining and licensing a company by the government.

Documentation: Preparation and adoption of documents defining the structure, powers and responsibilities of the company.

Management: Management of the company and regulation of day-to-day operations.

Contracts: drawing up and signing various contracts for the company, determining the rules of operations.

Liability and legal entities: Making decisions to determine the company’s liability and legal entities.

These stages are essential to define and legally protect the corporate structure of the company.

We focus on the following issues:

Client requirements: Understanding the specific requirements of their clients and offering them customized legal solutions.

Legislation and practice: Keeping up to date with the latest legislative changes and developments in corporate law.

International perspective: Knowledge of corporate law norms and practices in world markets and providing international support to clients.

Prevention of risks: To recognize the legal risks associated with the corporate activities of its clients and to offer appropriate advice to minimize them.

Communication and development: Using the advanced communication technologies available to build strong relationships with clients and conveniently consult them on their legal matters.

Innovation: To improve the quality of corporate legal services and better solve the problems of its clients by applying innovative solutions and technologies.

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